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URSUS FINE Spätburgunder List 2019 – Major Blind Tasting with International Expert Jury

From August 17 to 19, 2022, in collaboration with FINE, we initiated an exclusive blind tasting in the Rheingau. This time, we focused on the top 100 German Spätburgunders from the 2019 vintage, sourced from Grand Cru vineyards. Similar to last year's event, which featured the 2020 vintage German Riesling as the star, the exclusive red wines were judged by esteemed jurors. Following the event, the top ten wines will be offered for sale in an exclusive and limited collector's case by URSUS Wineries.

URSUS FINE Riesling List 2020: Aktuelles

Following the successful launch in 2021, which produced the major URSUS x FINE Riesling List, the continuation and second edition of the event at the Hattenheimer Kronenschlösschen focused solely on German Spätburgunder.

The international expert jury once again crowned the ten best dry Spätburgunders of the 2019 vintage. Accompanied by lively discussions, the jurors tasted a total of 100 wines from 10 growing areas and determined the top 20 wines in ten flights. Once again, 10 wines emerged as the top ten of their vintage. We are pleased to offer these bottles in an exclusive collector's case to the national and international market as "Best of Spätburgunder 2019."

"The goal of the Spätburgunder URSUS FINE tasting was to identify the most outstanding Spätburgunders from the 2019 vintage and offer them in a limited collector's case. Together with FINE, our aim was to taste blindly under the fairest conditions to ensure full comparability and also give young vintners and lesser-known names a platform. We are very pleased that we succeeded with the top ten, reflecting the diversity of German Spätburgunders, terroirs, and stylistic approaches," said Jasmin Bähr, Managing Director of Ursus Wineries.

"We now look back on the second great tasting that we were able to organize together with the trading house URSUS WINERIES. Those who know me are aware of my special love for German Spätburgunder and my conviction that it can indeed compete with the excellent wines of France. It was all the more delightful to be reassured of the qualities of German Spätburgunder during this tasting and to give smaller, unknown wineries a chance," said FINE publisher Ralf Frenzel.


Die Top Ten der URSUS FINE Spätburgunder 2019   ​

Ingelheimer Sonnenhang Spätburgunder - Weingut Wasen Doppelstück ​

Assmannshäuser Höllenberg Spätburgunder GG - Weingut August Kesseler ​

Walporzheimer Kräuterberg Spätburgunder GG - Weingut Burggarten ​

Asselheimer St. Stephan Spätburgunder - Weingut Matthias Gaul ​

"1 Uhr" Spätburgunder - Weingut Nelles ​

Bruchsaler Rothenberg Spätburgunder - Weingut Klumpp ​

Neuenahrer Sonnenberg Spätburgunder GG - Weingut Kreuzberg ​

Assmannshäuser Höllenberg Spätburgunder GG - Weingut Familie Allendorf ​

Mayschosser Mönchberg Spätburgunder GG - Weingut Deutzerhof ​


Criteria for Winemakers

Every winemaker is allowed to present one wine of their choice. The selected wine must be a top-class dry Spätburgunder from the 2019 vintage, grown in Germany and sourced from a recognized single vineyard within the 13 German wine regions. The production of the wine should amount to at least 1,000 bottles. Participation is open to all VDP winemakers or those with comparable wine quality. The winemakers commit to reserving 50 bottles of the presented wine for URSUS Wineries at the selling price until the ranking is published. The wines that make it into the top 10 in the ranking will then be purchased by URSUS Wineries at the selling price. Barrel samples are also allowed at the tasting.

Criteria for Jurors

The international panel of jurors evaluates the wines using FINE's prescribed 100-point rating system. This assessment includes both the current condition of the wine and its potential for development. In addition to assigning points, each juror is also allowed to name their favorite among all the wines tasted.

Announcement of the Winners

The announcement of the winners is published in FINE Das Weinmagazin in issue 3/2022.

URSUS FINE Riesling List 2020: Weinclub
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