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Our 2020 Pinot Noirs – A Synergy
of Craftsmanship and Nature 


"When I unexpectedly found my schedule empty at the end of February / beginning of March, I knew it was my chance to create something unique. Crafting my own wine, shaped by my ideas, visions, and standards, became a vision. My good friend Philipp König opened the door for me by offering the opportunity to manage a young Pinot Noir parcel of nearly 0.3 hectares in the upper part of the prestigious vineyard site 'Assmannshäuser Frankenthal'." - Jasmin Bähr, Managing Director.

Photo of the wine bottle Assmannshäuser Frankenthal Spätburgunder Grauer Schiefer

Grey Slate

A Pinot Noir born from a friendship and a pandemic. Grown in Assmannshäuser Frankenthal. Half whole clusters, second-fill barrels, and gravity-filled without filtration.

"Sometimes the most precious things arise from unexpected moments. That's how it was for us in 2020, a year full of unforeseeable twists and turns."

Purple Slate

A Pinot Noir, born from a friendship and a pandemic. Grown in Assmannshäuser Frankenthal. Free run, partly new, partly old barrique, and gravity-filled without filtration.

Foto der Weinflasche Assmannshäuser Frankenthal Spätburgunder Grauer Schiefer


Our vines were organically cultivated, and we worked with the utmost care and respect for nature and the environment. After a day's work in the vineyard, we occasionally indulged in the luxury of sitting on the nearest vineyard wall, enjoying a beer and pizza while watching the majestic sunset on the other side of the Rhine. Our gaze rested on the flowing river, seeing nothing but the steep vineyards, the dense forest, the protruding rock formations in between, and the glistening water. Occasionally, a large steamer crossed our field of view, and on such evenings, we felt deeply connected to the nature and history of this unique place.

The grapes were handpicked on September 12, 2022, under radiant sunshine and pleasant temperatures, with friends and family.

The gentle processing of the grapes was crucial to preserve the unique characteristics of each berry. Two-thirds were destemmed, while the rest fermented as whole clusters in a tub. Two different barriques and vinification methods imparted the wines their unique structure and depth. Wood met wine as the freshly fermented juice from both tubs was filled into a new barrique and a second-fill.

After several years of aging in barrel and bottle, the wines now unveil their full potential. Our 2020 Pinot Noirs are the result of gentle harmony with nature and meticulous craftsmanship in every step of production. We warmly invite you to taste these two bottles and let yourself be carried away by their story and quality."


About us

We are pleased to introduce you to our team, which embodies passionate enthusiasm for wine and is the soul of our company. Learn more about our history and the motivation that brought us to wine.

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