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The Wine

In 1962, Ridge produced its first Chardonnay from fully matured vines at the Monte Bello Estate vineyard. Production never exceeded ten barrels and was primarily sold at the winery. Successful vintages such as 1973, '74, '79, and '84 demonstrated the suitability of the cool climate and limestone substrate for the grape variety. By 1985, the old vines were removed, and those planted in the 1970s now supply most of the grapes. Since 2009, the wine has been labeled as Ridge Estate Chardonnay. When there are significant differences between the lots, a limited quantity of Monte Bello Chardonnay is also produced.

The Winery

In 1962, Ridge produced its first Monte Bello, and two years later, its first Zinfandel. Since then, Ridge has been committed to single-vineyard winemaking, seeking out rare and exceptional vineyards in California where climate, soil, and variety harmonize ideally.

Ridge - Chardonnay Estate 2017

SKU: 1969
1 Liter
    • Alc. 14.0% by vol 
    • Contains sulfites 
    • Estate bottled by: Ridge Vineyards, 17100 Montebello Road, Cupertino, CA 95014-5435, USA 
    • Region: Santa Cruz Mountains 
    • Varietal: Chardonnay 
    • Vintage: 2017
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