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The Wine

The Oysterhour Pet Nat VI Rosat is a unique interpretation of a rosé wine, captivating with its natural production method and wild genesis. As a Pétillant Naturel, it is expressive and exciting, unfiltered and with the original yeast in the bottle, giving it a distinctive and characterful taste. The natural sediment of yeast in the bottle, referred to in French as "L'âme du vin" - the soul of the wine - is safe to drink. Caution when opening the crown cap is advised, as fermentation in the bottle creates high pressure.

The Winery

De La Fe, a small wine producer in Mallorca, and the DJ collective Oyster Hour from Frankfurt have come together for a unique collaboration project. Oyster Hour not only inspired the creation of two Pet Nats but also designed the labels themselves. The oyster depicted on the labels excellently references the proximity of the vineyard to the sea, thus reflecting the origin of the Pet Nats. The vineyard, located just 10 minutes south of Alcudia on Mallorca, covers an area of nearly 2.4 hectares. Here, a variety of grape varieties grow, both autochthonous and international. The organic management of the vineyards and the proximity to the Mediterranean Sea define the character of the wines, which are shaped by salty breezes and a unique terroir. The diversity of grape varieties on Mallorca is a clear advantage, as it allows playing with different characteristics to create balanced and fresh cuvées. This flexibility makes it possible to produce wines of outstanding quality and individuality.

Oyster Hour Pet Nat VI Rosat 2023

SKU: 2459
1 Liter
    • Alc. 12.5% vol
    • Contains sulfites
    • Bottling: IB249, 07210 Spain
    • Region: Mallorca
    • Grape Varieties: Tempranillo, Callet
    • Vintage: 2023
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