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The Wine

Krug Grande Cuvée was born from the dream of one man, Joseph Krug, to create the best possible champagne every year, regardless of annual climate variations. The 168th Edition of Krug Grande Cuvée was composed around the 2012 harvest, a beautiful year that resulted in a low yield due to a series of meteorological events in the region. Frost, rain, storms, and hail plagued the Champagne vineyards during the winter and spring of 2012. This was followed by the driest ripening season since 1974, leading to a harvest with 20% less yield.

For the final creation, vintage wines from carefully selected plots were blended with reserve wines from 10 different years. In total, reserve wines from the extensive library of the house made up 42% of the final blend, ensuring the broad aromatic spectrum and full-bodied richness that are crucial for every edition of Krug Grande Cuvée.

The Estate

The House of Krug was founded in 1843 in Reims by Joseph Krug, a visionary and unconventional man with a unique philosophy. He understood that the true essence of champagne lies in the enjoyment itself and dreamed of creating the best possible champagne every year, regardless of climatic changes. By carefully observing the characteristics of each vineyard, respecting the uniqueness of each vineyard plot and its wine, and compiling a comprehensive library of reserve wines from many different years, Joseph Krug succeeded in fulfilling his dream.

With an original approach to champagne production, he decided to go beyond the concept of vintages and create the most generous expression of champagne every year. Thus, he founded a house where all champagnes share the same level of quality.

Six generations of the Krug family have continued to pursue this dream and enriched the founder's vision and savoir-faire.

Krug - Grande Cuvée 168

SKU: 2022
1 Liter
    • Alcohol: 12.5% vol 
    • Contains sulfites 
    • Estate Bottling: Champagne Krug, 9 Avenue de Champagne 51200 EPERNAY, France
    • Region: Champagne Grape 
    • Varieties: Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir 
    • Vintage: NV
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