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The Wine

The Mascot is a Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon crafted from various hillside vineyards, notably the younger vines from BOND, Harlan Estate, and Promontory. It began as a small project shared by family, the winemaking team, and close friends. The Mascot sources grapes from blocks of recently replanted vineyards, offering a glimpse into the evolution of its parent estates: a youthful snapshot of their future.

The Winery

The Mascot started as an unnamed family wine, made from the finest grapes of the younger vines at the Harlan family estate. The estate was established in 1984 with the founding of Harlan Estate, followed by the creation of BOND in 1996. The Mascot represents a youthful expression of the family's renowned vineyards. Over time, this intimate project among friends gained a loyal following and developed its own distinctive identity. Known for its power and accessibility, the wine has been aged longer to be delicious upon release, offering vibrant and profound characteristics for immediate enjoyment and long-term cellaring. The choice of name and label was inspired by the family's shared passion for dogs, drawing influence from literary sources and engravings, symbolizing qualities such as loyalty, energy, friendliness, endurance, and heart. The Mascot serves as an introduction to the profound pleasures of Napa Valley Cabernet and invites newcomers to explore the family's even deeper-rooted Grand Crus.

Harlan Estate - The Mascot 2014

SKU: 1953
1 Liter
    • Alcohol: 14.0% vol 
    • Contains sulfites 
    • Bottled by: The Mascot, LLC, P.O. BOX 352, OAKVILLE, CALIFORNIA 94562, USA 
    • Region: Napa Valley Grape 
    • Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon 
    • Vintage: 2014
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