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The Wine

The Clos des Lambrays Grand Cru is a true icon of Burgundy. Originating from a vineyard where the upper part consists predominantly of marl and transitions into a mixture of clay and limestone at the base, this wine derives its unique structure and minerality. It is aged in oak barrels in the underground cellars of Domaine des Lambrays, with half of the barrels being renewed annually. This careful aging process enhances the development of rich, complex flavors ranging from dark berries to subtle earthy notes. The Clos des Lambrays is not only the centerpiece of the winery but also a shining example of the depth and elegance that Burgundy wines can offer.

The Winery

Domaine des Lambrays is a distinguished winery in the heart of Burgundy, known for its almost monopolistic ownership of the Grand Cru Clos des Lambrays. This estate holds a prestigious position in a region known for its fragmented ownership. With an expansive yet by no means uniform plot, Clos des Lambrays offers a diversity rooted both in the soil composition and the sunlight exposure on its gently sloping hills. This geological and climatic diversity significantly contributes to the complexity of its wines.

Domaine des Lambrays - Clos des Lambrays 1999

SKU: 1755
1 Liter
    • Alc. 13.5% vol
    • Contains sulfites
    • Estate Bottled by: Société du Domaine des Lambrays, 31 Rue Basse, 21220 Morey-Saint-Denis, France
    • Region: Burgundy
    • Grape Variety: Pinot Noir
    • Vintage: 1999
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