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The wine


A Dom Pérignon is always a vintage champagne. In the darkness of the wine cellars, each vintage undergoes a slow transformation in the bottle in contact with the yeast. It takes a full eight years of elaboration to achieve a harmonious dialogue between the character of a year and the signature of Dom Pérignon. Champagne has a perfect balance: all elements are represented with great expressiveness and reveal harmony. This vintage champagne is seen as a promise, even an invitation, to enter the world of Dom Pérignon.


The winery


Inspiration, creation and exchange have always been the driving forces behind the fortunes of the Abbey of Saint-Pierre d'Hautvillers. This extraordinary place has welcomed both the powerful and the awe-inspiring over the centuries and has witnessed all of France's eventful history. As soon as they arrive in Hautvillers, visitors are fascinated by the special presence of the abbey. Something incredible was once created here - something that changed the history of the way of life and has stood the test of time for centuries: champagne.

Dom Pérignon - Vintage 2010

SKU: 2017
1 Liter
    • Alk. 12.5% vol
    • Contains sulfites
    • Estate bottling: Dom Pérignon, 9 avenue de Champagne - 51200 Epernay
    • Region: Champagne
    • Grape variety: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier
    • Vintage: 2010
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