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It all began in one of the oldest and most prestigious wine regions in the world. The Rheingau - rich in culture and history - was the place where my wine spark ignited. During my studies, including a Master of Science in Wine Management (OIV) in Paris, I traveled around the globe visiting countless wine producers to develop a deep understanding of the global wine industry. I had the opportunity to visit over 300 wine producers and experience their craftsmanship, as well as their passion, up close.

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About Jasmin

Next to wine producers, I met many industry representatives such as importers, state monopolies, coopers, and trading houses. After passing the Certified Sommelier Examination at the Court of Master Sommeliers, I worked as a Sommelière at the two-star restaurant Maison Rostang in Paris, which, with its extensive and mature wine list, is a very special place for connoisseurs. There, my passion for collecting exceptional and wonderful wines began, which has since captivated me. I am delighted that you share this passion with me and wish you wonderful moments with those special wines.

Jasmin Bähr, Managing Director

Frankenthal Project

Two Pinot Noirs, two barriques, a unique project, and a vineyard. Our two wines from Assmannshausen Frankenthal epitomize passionate dedication to authenticity. Grown on steep slopes on Devonian slate, the unique terroir unmistakably shines through in the glass - also thanks to minimal intervention during production.

Assmannshäuser Frankenthal
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